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Borehole Drilling

Water boreholes are an excellent investment because they reduce the amount of municipal water used, they are simple to maintain, and they provide nearly any type of property with a steady supply of water.

24/7 Emergency Support

Experts are always prepared to assist

Repairing Borehole pumps

Being one of the top restoration businesses in South Africa, we’ll take all the required steps to get your irrigation system back up and running. We have a staff of highly qualified technicians who can fix your broken pumps.

Filtration systems and JOJO tanks

In addition to installing pressure pumps, we also perform Jojo tank repair and water purification. With the help of our team of specialists, you can choose the best JoJo tank and filtration system for your needs. Additionally, we install UV sterilizers, which clean water in your home or place of business by using UV light.

Control Boxes Repairing

We do new installation and repair for Borehole pumps, irrigation system and booster pump

24/7 Emergency Support

Experts are always prepared to assist

Irrigation Sprinklers

We have extensive expertise with irrigation systems and boreholes.Contact us if you need a good irrigation job completed or if you need pumps installed or repaired.

Booster and pressure pumps

Replacement and installation of booster pressure pumps. Increasing the water pressure in your plumbing system can significantly impact how pleasant using the kitchen sink or shower is. 

Our engineering Services also include

Borehole Drilling And steel Casing

Geological Surveying

 Borehole Water Testing

Filtration Systems Installation


Borehole pumps installation and Repairs

Repairing of multinational systems; ie. changing of solenoids valves , Sprinklers ; Nozzles and Timers etc.


Backup Water Installation

Borehole pumps and motor installer

Irrigation Sprinklers installer

Automatic and manual irrigation systems

Upgrading manual system to suite modern life

Maintenances of existing irrigation systems

Installation of reverse osmosis and 3 stage Filters

Installation of Jojo tanks and rain harvest tanks

Municipal backup and municipal switch to borehole water

Tripping boreholes fixing and electrical reconnecting


Installation of booster pump or pressure pump

Fixing of borehole pressure

Installation of switch Float for controlling the borehole and flow of water into tanks

Piping and leak fixing

Solar and DC pumps Installation And Repairs


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